Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Patriotic Saturday...

Saturday, June 16th, Claude and I went to the Scott County Extension Office.  The Scott County Extension Homemakers and the Elkhorn Creek Quilts of Valor would honor 13 Veterans by presenting each a Quilt of Valor. The name of the quilt Claude received was Patriot's Sky. It was pieced and bound by Carol Price. It was quilted by Birdsong Quilting. The presentation was done by Whitney Hilterbran, Scott County Extension Agent. I do believe Earlene Arnett submitted Claude's name as a candidate for this honor. This was a very touching honor to Claude. They read his accomplishments while he served. The cute one was when they read he received a Good Conduct Medal. He told them to tell everyone to notice that he was good. Whitney did just that as she read. Everyone chuckled. Then these two ladies displayed his quilt for all to see. Then they wrapped him in it. Each Veteran was honored through the same process. At the end they had all the Veteran's stand together for a group picture. One of the Veteran's could not attend that day. His Quilt of Valor will be presented separately. This honor moved Claude to shed a few tears. 
The other thing that happened this month was at the Georgetown-Scott County Museum. They created an exhibit about the Viet Nam War. Veteran's who served were asked to loan some of their memorabilia for the exhibit. Claude carefully went through his things and took a box of treasures down to the museum. After the Quilts of Valor ceremony, Claude and I went to the museum to view the Viet Nam Exhibit.  

This was a patch one of the Veteran loaned for the exhibit. This was the sad thing about the Viet Nam war. It was a time when the people rallied against this war. The veteran's who served sometimes came home out of uniform for their own safety. Some were spit on, called names and other humiliating things. This, after they did what they were called to do to the best of their ability in the most awful of circumstances. When I saw this patch, it seemed to sum up a lot of the sentiment  of the military at that time. 
Claude's military service was not on the ground in Viet Nam. The career field he was given and trained in upon entering the Air Force was Cartography. He made the maps the men used. He made the training plates for the bombers to learn on. His biggest war injury was falling through a light table. As a result, he and I had a conversation as we were arriving at the Extension Office. He said he really didn't necessarily feel he should receive such an honor. I told him that somehow we equate being shot at as being a Veteran. Reality is, there is a lot of service to get those men to where they are and to help them perform the thing they are called upon to do. If that service is not done, they can't perform the task they are given. While Claude was not shot at, the work he did provided aid and a measure of safety for those who were shot at. All Veteran's are Veteran's if they do their duty for the cause that is Freedom.

Claude is standing by his fatigue jacket and his dress blue uniform.
These are items from Claude's service. The flag in the frame was a gift to Claude on his 50th birthday. I purchased a United States flag and had it flown over the Capitol in Washington, DC on his birthday. When it was mailed to us we put it in this frame with his medals.  
Claude was also most happy to see his dog tags displayed. The oval tag says that he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Claude was especially happy it was turned face up in the display case so others could see that.  
I snapped this picture of my honey looking at a bit of his life history in the museum case. I find this a tender picture. What memories he has and this was an opportunity to reflect on that time in his life and how it has affected his life after.
At the end of the exhibit, there was a binder with pages for each Veteran that visited to record their information about when and where they served. Then they were given a pin or pins with little flags to put on the map where they served. 
It was a great morning. Good to remember. Good to be grateful. And, I am grateful to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Miscellaneous to Catch Up...

Here we go...Odds and Ends of Life...

While we were on our cruise, Memorial Day happened. Hayden is a Scout and he participated in the LaGrange, Kentucky Memorial Day event with other Scouts from his Troop. Andie posted pictures. Here is Hayden.
Sunday, June 4th, was our Stake Conference. I was released as an Institute teacher. I was called to be the Ward Organist and will play the organ for Sacrament meeting each Sunday. I really am going to enjoy playing the organ again. The first Sunday I played was June 10th. I played through the Sacrament hymn, then went to sit in the congregation with Claude. I took my glasses with me. When it was time for the closing hymn, I went back to the organ, took my shoes off so I could play the pedals, then I realized my glasses were on the bench with Claude. By now everyone is waiting for me to start the introduction to the hymn. I looked in my purse for the extra pair and didn't find them. I ended up having to walk back down the aisle toward the bench in my bare feet and Claude met me part way with my glasses. Everyone chuckled. It is best in these situations to walk with confidence and a smile.

Monday, June 4th, I spent my morning taking Papa for a car ride. We had wind and heavy rain storms a few days before. We would see lots and lots of broken limbs and downed trees. But we also saw many of those beautiful Kentucky lanes covered in trees.
Tuesday, June 5th I finally understood. A few weeks ago when Papa and I took a drive, we noticed, as we were returning to Georgetown, that the water tower had lots of long spikes coming out of it. I assured Papa I did not remember seeing them either. On the 5th I finally understood. They were there to place a drape over the water tower while they worked on the water tower. Sometimes the drape goes all the way to the ground. Sometimes they have it rolled up to the bottom of the ball part of the water tower. They are painting it for sure. 
Wednesday morning, June 6th, a home in Georgetown exploded. As far as I know, they haven't given a cause for the explosion. A woman was in the home and she died. The house next door has melted vinyl siding now. I was able to drive by and get a picture. Unbelievable that the other homes in the neighborhood were not damaged.

When Claude and I returned home on June 7th from Bailey's Field Day, we found a bird in our garage. We left the garage door open and went on inside as the bird hid behind the can we put crushed aluminum cans in. A little later I came out and the bird had hopped in front of the can but was still in the garage. I walked toward the bird and it flew off. Claude came out and checked all over the garage to be sure it wasn't trying to make a nest. We already have two nests on our back porch.
Friday, June 8th was the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) Summer Celebration. This is a big fundraiser for them. It is held at Donamire Farm which is a very, very, very upscale horse farm. This year we found absolutely nothing they had for auction to bid on. Had a nice dinner. The wind came up big time. I don't know what was in that breeze but I was suddenly coughing and sneezing and miserable. We opted to leave. 
This was my dream car when I was a teen. I still think that are a pretty good looking car.
Also on the 8th we got this picture update on our youngest great grandmonster. His Gramma Nissa is holding him. Nelson is named after Papa. Isn't he a cutie?
One other June 8th thing (beside that fact I finally got a haircut) was Eagle Bend was resurfaced. It looks so pretty.
Sunday, June 10th, the Drysdale's came and spent one night with us on their drive across country. Lynette is Claude's sister and the mother of Shannon who was just married. Lynette and Rick packed up the few worldly possessions of Shannon and her new hubby, Tyler, own into their trailer and drove it across country while the newly weds were honeymooning. They dropped the trailer at someone's home in Altoona, Pennsylvania and drove on up into New England for their vacation. They were back in Altoona when Shannon and Tyler got there to help them unpack. Then they started their journey back to Utah with some other vacation stops along the way. They determined they would be able to spend one night with us. It was great having Rick, Lynette and Brian in our home. We were able to introduce Brian to Pee Pee Bear. What a hoot!
Our final trip for this round of trips was to Chelsea. Jacob sent us a notice while Claude was in Utah that he had to have a medical procedure done. No major concerns. Just time to get this done. I felt impressed to ask if I could come up and drive him to the appointment and get him home and be sure he was good before I left. He assured me his neighbor had agreed to do that. Then a few days later I got another message from Jake saying somethings were not going well for his friend and was my offer still good. I assured him it was. I made hotel reservations for Monday and Tuesday, June 11th & 12th, in Chelsea. Claude got home and he changed that doctor's appointment one more time so he could tag along. Jake was sure his dad wanted to come so he could make jokes. Claude and I made this last trip to be there for Jake. He is a grown man but it still felt good to be able to help him this little bit. He is fine and there were no problems with him. 

Saturday, June 16th, Raelyn got to be a flower girl at a wedding. Katelyn sent me this picture of our other great grandmonster. Isn't she a cutie?
Sunday, June 17th, was Father's Day. This is the cute treat they gave every man 18 years of age and older. 
Whew. That does it for this round of Odds and Ends.

Final Field Day...

The other Final for Ms. Bailey was her final Field Day. It was Thursday, June 7th. 

Last year I really messed up on this one. I had it on my calendar. But in my mind I was a day different than the one I was living. Did you ever do that? Claude and I will often have a Friday and say it feels like Saturday. Well, I woke up that morning and went about all I had to do thinking Bailey's field day was the next day. Andie posted pictures of her during Field Day at the elementary school where she teaches. I replied how fun it looked and that I would be at Bailey's the next day. To which Andie replied, "It was today!" Oh my goodness. Did I feel awful. Absolutely awful. The worst Gramma ever. Ugh.

This year I made sure I was on target with the day. I popped Andie a text the day before saying I would be there. Claude changed some doctor appointment and he was going with me. I even called the school to be sure of the time we needed to arrive. This year I did not miss the final Field Day.

The theme was the Olympics. This year each class was a different country. Bailey's class was Russia. She wore the colors of their flag. I told her that, if we had known she was going to be Russia, we would have purchased her a t-shirt that said Russia on it while we were there the week before. Someone in Bailey's class made little Russian flags out of felt and sticks for everyone to wave. All the events were tied to the Olympics even if it might have been a stretch.

This was our girl when we arrived. Her class was out getting ready to do the tug-o-war. Bailey had painted flags on her cheeks and arms. The girl is always over-the-top. We were grateful for the red hat. It helps to pick her out of a crowd of kids.
Bailey's class was always competing against one of the other 5th grade classes. The other class was Australia. After each event, the parent volunteers awarded a gold or silver medal (sticker) to each class. Each class had a plastic coated flag they could wave to keep everyone at the right place and it provided a surface on which to stick your medal after the event. This is Bailey with the flag and their first medal. 
This picture is of the parent volunteer explaining the Run with the Olympic Torch event. Look closely. That is a ball on top of a bathroom plunger. How cute is that?  
Michael, Bailey's father, referees soccer games. He is qualified to do this at the college level. He loved soccer when he was in school. Refereeing keeps him in shape and he earns extra money doing it. When they had a soccer event, pictures had to be taken and a video so that Michael could enjoy this moment. Other than missing two of the hoops to go through, Bailey did just fine. 
Somehow Claude got a flag and he wore it in his hat all day. Way to support the grandmonster! 
Now this event harked back to my Field Day's. A sack race. Finally. Something I could relate to. 
Our little Lady has the attention span of a gnat. She has created her own Field Day event and it is looking for 4-leaf clovers.
Andie was going to send Bailey to school with her lunch as I had not had time to cover that base. When we talked with Bailey between events, she did not bring her lunch. Fortunately, the schedule had her class going inside for an hour break before lunch. Off Claude and I went to Subway, ate our lunch, and then brought Bailey's lunch back to her school. 
Cute story here. Bailey wanted tuna salad from Subway. She wanted pickles but she wanted them on the side, not on her sandwich. She understood that, if they wouldn't do that, she wouldn't get pickles. I placed the order and asked the man if he could put pickles on the side. He said he could but he would have to charge me extra for them. I said, "Okay." Then he looked at me and said, "You mean you are willing pay $2 for pickles?" Instantly my dander was riled up. I looked at him over that counter and said in my strongest voice, "You mean you would charge me $2 for pickles you would have put on the sandwich?" He laughed and said, "I have to make money some way." I said, "That is a mighty rude way to make money." He did put the pickles on the side and then tried to get me to buy a cookie. I did not buy a cookie. 

This is the row boat event. Bailey is in the middle. Some parent made what was really a huge skate board. It was pressed board with rollers mounted to the bottom. Three kids to a board. They each sat with their backs facing the direction they were supposed to row. Each kid was given a pool noodle to simulate oars. They served no purpose but that. They had to row to a certain point, everyone get off and get back on so they were facing backwards again, and then row back to where they started. It was a relay and the next group of three would row away. The kids enjoyed this a lot but the boards were beginning to break as the day went on. Pressed board just doesn't hold up forever with rambunctious kids playing on them.
Loved this little moment between Bailey and her Grampa. 
This is the final count on the gold and silver medals with Bailey and her friend, Ella.  
It was a good day. Claude and I headed back to Sadieville. We had a conference call to participate in that day and wanted to do that from home. Funny thing, we forgot to call in to the conference call until the next day. Oops!!

Final Field Day done!! They have one in Middle School but the kids are too cool by then to want the parents and grandparents there. Go figure!

Bailey Makes Another Life Milestone...

Our Bailey reached another milestone in her life. Monday, June 4th, I went to LaGrange to attend Bailey's 5th Grade Recognition program. That's right, our youngest grandmonster was in her last week of Elementary School. Goodness, that went by fast. 

She actually wore make-up to this. Turns out her Mom purchased for her a bag of make-up and has taught her to apply it. She was allowed to wear a little to this program. She did a very nice job of not plastering her face with too much make-up. 

First picture is Bailey receiving her certificate from Ms. Martin, her teacher. The second picture is her family (Michael, Bailey, Andie and Hayden). The third picture is Bailey and me.
Refreshments were served in the cafeteria. They had a slideshow of this 5th grade group of kids during all their years at Buckner Elementary. They also displayed the 5th grade art project. Every year the 5th graders do an art project that is left at the school so they leave a little of themselves. This year's art project was painted rocks. Bailey painted a Corgi on her rock. She thinks these are the cutest dog. Bailey loves all animals. They have two huge cats. But, if Bailey could have a dog also, it would be a Corgi.
After all of this, we went back to the Marx home for a treat. I gave everyone their souvenirs from our trip. The Mini's were very happy with their Lego's kits and Hayden finished putting his together before I left. I was able to take this picture and text it to Claude.  

Quick Turn Around...And Off...Again...

We returned Wednesday afternoon, May 30th, from our vacation. We had Thursday to get things done before Claude left again. We managed to get the lawn mowed and all the washing and ironing done so he could pack again. 

Friday morning we were up early and this time I drove Claude to the Cincinnati airport. He made it to Utah safely, picked up his rental car and drove to Thatcher. There he picked up his mother and sister, Joann, and they headed to Idaho. 

The purpose of this trip was two-fold. First, Shannon, our niece, was getting married in the Meridian Idaho Temple. She needed two witnesses and she wanted Claude to be one. So Claude was there for that purpose. He also wanted to spend some time with his Mother. 

Friday night they had a great time with family before the Saturday wedding. All of Claude's siblings were there with the exception of one sister, Tami. How fun is that. His Mother and 5 of her six kids. That is hard to get everyone together when some of us live far away.

Saturday was the wedding and Claude texted me a few pictures. Shannon is now Ms. Tyler Bates. They do make a lovely couple. Then we have Shannon with her Uncle Claude. And finally we have Bonnie with five of her kids. Left to right: Joann, Claude, Bonnie, Cordell, Lynette & Kayla. It would appear the kids positioned themselves in birth order. Tami would fit between Claude and Cordell. I just love this picture.
There was a reception following the wedding Saturday. Then everyone would head for their various homes. Claude was so very happy to have this family time. He kept telling me how nice it was to just be with his siblings for a while. 

Claude would stay with Bonnie and return home Tuesday afternoon. Bonnie had a honey-do job for him. She needed to re-carpet her front steps. Unfortunately, she did not purchase a large enough piece of carpet so they chose the most important part to her and Claude did that. Thought he was going to die rolling around on concrete to do this. But he was really happy to be helpful for his mother. When Bonnie purchased her piece of carpet, she was told they didn't have any more like it. She was sure it was all she would need so was not worried. However, she did need more. When Claude got home he checked our Lowe's in Georgetown. They had exactly what Bonnie needed. As good fortune would have it, Rick and Lynette were stopping by on their drive across country for a one night visit. Claude purchased the carpet at our Lowe's and Rick and Lynette took it to her. Whew!

Bonnie's birthday was the day Claude left. They had the morning and lunch together before he left and he was able to give her a birthday present. Very nice.

One more trip and then the trip sagas will be done for a while.