Sunday, September 24, 2017

Creedence Clearwater Revisited...

Friday, September 22nd, Claude and I had ticket to see Creedence Clearwater Rivisited in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. This was at their Event Center an a new venue for us. This city has done an excellent job of getting their old downtown area in good shape to welcome people. 
Now, Claude and I learned something this time. I purchased the tickets on line. I printed the tickets at home right after I purchased them. I took them to Claude after I put the information on my calendar. Claude got the tickets and put the information on his calendar. We both put 7pm for the start time.

We stopped in Florence to have something to eat. I checked my Google Map and found there were three wrecks on I-75 between Florence, Kentucky and the exit to I-275 which we were taking. Goodness. The total wait time for these wrecks was anticipated to be 30 minutes. That was all the extra time in our plan. So, as soon as we finished eating, we quickly got in the Jeep and headed to the Lawrenceburg Event Center. We were pleasantly surprised that all the wreck activity was on the opposite side of I-75. Felt bad for those people but it was great for us. 

We arrived at the Lawenceburg Event Center at 6:45pm. Quickly took a walk to the Ohio River edge. Then into the venue. There was a place to line up for entry with a security thing to go through. However, there were very few people in the line. Claude and I were surprised at that but we got in line and started our wait. Pretty soon it was past 7pm and the security people were showing no signs of letting us into the seating. Hmmmm... Claude pulled out the tickets and we looked again. Sure enough it said 7pm. Now it was past 7pm and still only a few people in the line and no movement with the security check-in. Hmmmm... Claude looked at the tickets again and that is when we noticed the 'drs' after the time. It seems the doors open at 7pm. I Googled the event and, sure enough, the start time was really 8pm. I don't sit still well and an hour of sitting could well do me it. But there were lots of interesting people to watch as they came into the Event Center. 

Creedence Clearwater Revival broke up many years ago. This Creedence Clearwater Revisited had two of the original members of the band who are now in their 70's. They were the drummer and the bass player. The other three members were new to the group but were excellent. They played all the old favorites. The lead singer's voice was not exactly like John Fogerty but a very good close second. The audience was ready for this event. It was a really good evening, even if we waited an hour for it to start. Silly Us!!

A New Great Grandmonster...

Thursday, September 21st, Aubrey Anne gave birth to her first baby and our 2nd Great Grandmonster. His name is Nelson Dwayne Thompson. He was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. The name Nelson is my father's middle name. Aubrey's father and his father and his grandfather all were named David Wayne Thompson. I'm guessing the Dwayne is a combination of David and Wayne.
So many, many concerns with this baby. Aubrey is not married, does not know the father for sure, and has no permanent home for her and Nelson. This gives this great grandmother a lot of angst. It is the first time I have felt super strongly that a baby needed to be placed for adoption. I know so many people that are great parents to so many adopted children. One family in our ward has 5 kids, all adopted. But Aubrey has been adamant she will not place her baby for adoption. We'll see but I have serious concerns.

Claude and I will make a trip to Michigan in a few weeks to meet this little man. I sent a blanket I made a month ago. Lots of prayers for this situation. Lots of prayers.

Visitor From the West...

My sister, Junie, visited September 19th through 22nd. She came to spend time with Papa. To facilitate that I had all his things in order Monday, September 18th and told him I was going to back away and let him have time with Junie. Which I did.

Junie's flight got in on Tuesday the 19th in the late afternoon. I called Papa just as her plane was to touch down to remind him she was coming and to give her another hour and a half to get to his apartment. She went directly to Papa's and came here after that visit.

Wednesday the 20th she visited him in the morning. She purchased the movie "Sargent York" for them to watch. This was the first movie Papa ever saw at the movie theater. Then she left for a bit to do her walk. She went back and took Papa to the nursing home. Claude and I had to be in Georgetown in the evening so we met her at Panera and all had dinner together. Claude and I each returned home after we finished our various responsibilities.

Thursday the 21st she took Papa for a car ride. She sent me a text as they were leaving. Claude drove me into Georgetown and we went through some more things in Papa's apartment to prepare for him to move out. Junie got back to Sadieville in the early evening. Claude prepared our dinner and we ate before our conference call with Junie's hubby, Steve, and Neffie and Mike, my other sister and her hubby. 

We all shared how we each felt Papa was doing and what we felt we should do next. It was the opinion of all of us that he is ready for the nursing home. It felt good to know my sisters were in agreement regarding this move. Then we discussed how to handle this financially. I made an appointment that afternoon for Wednesday, September 27th, to talk with Dr. Weckman as my first step in making this happen. 

Friday Junie slept in. She was going to the Ark Encounter on her way to the airport. She enjoyed that and got to the airport in plenty of time only to find the Cincinnati Airport had no electricity. Goodness. I Googled to find out what the problem was. It seems there was a computer issue in Atlanta with Delta Airlines and it shut down lots of flights. Junie said they had to check her purse by emptying it and patting her down as they had no power at security. My concern for her was all the glass windows in the Cincinnati airport with a very hot sun beating down on them. Wouldn't take long for that completely closed off area to get very hot with no air moving around. They finally got it all corrected and she was off to her home in Utah.

She had a good visit. I saw Papa Friday and he was happy with her visit and the drive they took. 

Now I must go through to steps to see if we can even get Papa out of his lease, which we just signed, and into the nursing home. First step, consult with his doctor. Wish me good fortune.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Miscellaneous Musings...

We keep a running grocery list on the counter in the kitchen. When we run out of something or think of something we need, we put it on the list. Every now and then one of us will stop and get groceries. As I passed this list laying on the counter, something caught my eye and I paused to see what I was really reading. This is vintage Claude. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten to the grocery store in our 47 years and found something embedded in the list that makes me laugh right out loud in the store. Can you find it in this picture?
Then, there is my thumb. On Monday, September 11th, the old nail finally came completely off. I believe the new nail will eventually grow completely out, however, it definitely has a big ridge at the bottom over the cuticle area (doesn't really show in the picture) that I believe will always be there. 
Claude participated in a 'Heart Walk' held at Georgetown Community Hospital by the Heart Association. It was a 3K walk, I believe. He had a good morning doing this walk on Saturday, September 16th. 
I didn't get to do this with him as I attended a baptism for a little girl that was a Sunbeam when I was Primary President. Now she is eight years old and was baptized. Very nice. Then I went to visit with Papa. I pulled through Burger King to get each of us a small soda. The car in front of me had these license plates in the back window. Cracked me up.
The most distressing thing is Claude's implant of his tooth. We do truly believe this tooth is snake-bit. It started to wiggle. Claude went to our family dentist and he thought it might be okay. Geez!! But he referred him to an oral surgeon who does implants since the surgeon Claude used for the implant was not available. Claude went to this new oral surgeon and he simple pulled the tooth right out with his bare hands. It was definitely a reject of that implant. There was a long sad story about getting this one in, in the first place. Now it didn't take. Claude made an appointment with the original oral surgeon and was supposed to have x-ray's taken the afternoon of the scout spaghetti dinner. Claude left me at Papa's for a visit, he went to the surgeon, then we were to head for LaGrange after he finished. It turns out the computer's mother board was bad at the surgeons and they had no computers and could do no x-rays. Claude could have sat and waited till 3pm to see if they could fix it. But that was too late to get to the spaghetti dinner so he left after rescheduling. We'll see how this goes. Claude is not amused...and I am not either.

The Scouts & Spaghetti...

Our Hayden is in Boy Scouts. His troop holds a huge Spaghetti Dinner each year as their fundraiser. They easily feed 500 people at this event. We have supported financially each year but this was our first opportunity to actually attend. It is held at a Crestwood United Methodist Church. It was very well organized (which comes from years of doing this).

Claude and I arrived early so we went to the Marx home. Claude was able to get a nap. I was able to work on my embroidery project. Percy, their cat, would stroll over to the love seat where Claude was stretched out and Claude would scratch his back or ears. I did notice the clever use of a magnetic white board on the side of the Marx refrigerator. There seems to be a perpetual Tic-Tac-Toe game between Michael and his children. I found this very cute.
It turns out that Andie took Bailey to her Performing Arts Club practice at the Arts Center which is about a block away from the Methodist Church. We received a text from Andie the night before stating a conversation that she had with Bailey. Bailey was very anxious that Claude come to pick her up from the PAC practice. It seems she was missing her 'big teddy bear'. I shared this text interchange with Claude and his heart melted. He would pick up Bailey. 

Andie and Michael would both work at the dessert table selling desserts throughout the evening. Andie had to go purchase a dessert to donate for this table as she did not get one made the night before. So as we sat in the Marx family room, the plan unfolded. Hayden would ride the bus home and we would get him to the spaghetti dinner. He had to work a shift from 7pm to the end. He would need to eat before. Andie would take Bailey to her PAC performance and leave her there to go purchase a dessert and then she would go directly to the spaghetti dinner to start her shift at 5pm. Michael had the next shift and would come by himself. Tickets for Claude and I were on their table and Hayden needed no ticket as he was a scout and working the event. Whew!! The logistics to get things done. It all worked out great.

We ate with Hayden. 
Claude left to pick up Bailey. She ate. Then Claude bought desserts for each of us. Then the Mini's started their roaming. Hayden set the alarm on his cell phone so he and his friend would be back inside in time for their shift. You see outside were all kinds of games and things to play for a dollar a pop. Bailey had never shot any kind of gun before and they had a paint ball gun to shoot. You get seven tries for a dollar. Bailey got three out of seven. Amazing!! 
Andie and Michael each worked the dessert table the entire event. They did spell each other for a quick dinner break. 
There were two walls lined with silent auction items. Claude bid on and won tickets to Keeneland which we will use when the Mini's come for their fall break visit, two filet mignon steaks, and pizzas from Hometown pizza. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.