Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Miscellaneous Musings...

We keep a running grocery list on the counter in the kitchen. When we run out of something or think of something we need, we put it on the list. Every now and then one of us will stop and get groceries. As I passed this list laying on the counter, something caught my eye and I paused to see what I was really reading. This is vintage Claude. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten to the grocery store in our 47 years and found something embedded in the list that makes me laugh right out loud in the store. Can you find it in this picture?
Then, there is my thumb. On Monday, September 11th, the old nail finally came completely off. I believe the new nail will eventually grow completely out, however, it definitely has a big ridge at the bottom over the cuticle area (doesn't really show in the picture) that I believe will always be there. 
Claude participated in a 'Heart Walk' held at Georgetown Community Hospital by the Heart Association. It was a 3K walk, I believe. He had a good morning doing this walk on Saturday, September 16th. 
I didn't get to do this with him as I attended a baptism for a little girl that was a Sunbeam when I was Primary President. Now she is eight years old and was baptized. Very nice. Then I went to visit with Papa. I pulled through Burger King to get each of us a small soda. The car in front of me had these license plates in the back window. Cracked me up.
The most distressing thing is Claude's implant of his tooth. We do truly believe this tooth is snake-bit. It started to wiggle. Claude went to our family dentist and he thought it might be okay. Geez!! But he referred him to an oral surgeon who does implants since the surgeon Claude used for the implant was not available. Claude went to this new oral surgeon and he simple pulled the tooth right out with his bare hands. It was definitely a reject of that implant. There was a long sad story about getting this one in, in the first place. Now it didn't take. Claude made an appointment with the original oral surgeon and was supposed to have x-ray's taken the afternoon of the scout spaghetti dinner. Claude left me at Papa's for a visit, he went to the surgeon, then we were to head for LaGrange after he finished. It turns out the computer's mother board was bad at the surgeons and they had no computers and could do no x-rays. Claude could have sat and waited till 3pm to see if they could fix it. But that was too late to get to the spaghetti dinner so he left after rescheduling. We'll see how this goes. Claude is not amused...and I am not either.

The Scouts & Spaghetti...

Our Hayden is in Boy Scouts. His troop holds a huge Spaghetti Dinner each year as their fundraiser. They easily feed 500 people at this event. We have supported financially each year but this was our first opportunity to actually attend. It is held at a Crestwood United Methodist Church. It was very well organized (which comes from years of doing this).

Claude and I arrived early so we went to the Marx home. Claude was able to get a nap. I was able to work on my embroidery project. Percy, their cat, would stroll over to the love seat where Claude was stretched out and Claude would scratch his back or ears. I did notice the clever use of a magnetic white board on the side of the Marx refrigerator. There seems to be a perpetual Tic-Tac-Toe game between Michael and his children. I found this very cute.
It turns out that Andie took Bailey to her Performing Arts Club practice at the Arts Center which is about a block away from the Methodist Church. We received a text from Andie the night before stating a conversation that she had with Bailey. Bailey was very anxious that Claude come to pick her up from the PAC practice. It seems she was missing her 'big teddy bear'. I shared this text interchange with Claude and his heart melted. He would pick up Bailey. 

Andie and Michael would both work at the dessert table selling desserts throughout the evening. Andie had to go purchase a dessert to donate for this table as she did not get one made the night before. So as we sat in the Marx family room, the plan unfolded. Hayden would ride the bus home and we would get him to the spaghetti dinner. He had to work a shift from 7pm to the end. He would need to eat before. Andie would take Bailey to her PAC performance and leave her there to go purchase a dessert and then she would go directly to the spaghetti dinner to start her shift at 5pm. Michael had the next shift and would come by himself. Tickets for Claude and I were on their table and Hayden needed no ticket as he was a scout and working the event. Whew!! The logistics to get things done. It all worked out great.

We ate with Hayden. 
Claude left to pick up Bailey. She ate. Then Claude bought desserts for each of us. Then the Mini's started their roaming. Hayden set the alarm on his cell phone so he and his friend would be back inside in time for their shift. You see outside were all kinds of games and things to play for a dollar a pop. Bailey had never shot any kind of gun before and they had a paint ball gun to shoot. You get seven tries for a dollar. Bailey got three out of seven. Amazing!! 
Andie and Michael each worked the dessert table the entire event. They did spell each other for a quick dinner break. 
There were two walls lined with silent auction items. Claude bid on and won tickets to Keeneland which we will use when the Mini's come for their fall break visit, two filet mignon steaks, and pizzas from Hometown pizza. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. 

I Looked Like Donna Reed...

Saturday, September 9th, and Sunday, September 10th, were a weekend I told my hubby that I felt like Donna Reed. If you are young, you don't have a clue about Donna Reed. When I was a child, the Donna Reed show was a television sitcom along with Father Knows Best and several others. The mother's in these shows all woke up in the morning and got dressed in a dress and heels and that was what they wore ALL DAY LONG!!! If you know me at all, you will know I love being barefoot best. I love jeans and a sweatshirt in the winter and capri's and a t-shirt in the summer. I am a very casual person. But this particular weekend I awoke in the morning and put on a dress and heels and stayed that way all day long...both days!! It was grueling!!

Saturday the 9th, my first event was Time Out for Sisters. This is done each year by our Stake Relief Society presidency. They have amazing speakers for two hours. Then they serve an equally amazing lunch to all the ladies who attend. A gift bag is given to each lady attending. This year I was asked to play the organ. I haven't done that in a couple of years. I spent two hours practicing on the organ in our Georgetown building and two hours practicing at the Stake Center before the Saturday event. All that for a half hour of prelude and three hymns. But it was great fun to be playing the organ again. The event was really, really good. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the speakers that day:

  1. Love, guided by the Spirit, is Christlike love. ~~ Sally Daetwyler, Assistant Temple Matron, Louisville Temple
  2. Christlike love goes the extra mile. ~~ Sally Daetwyler, Assistant Temple Matron, Louisville Temple
  3. There is nothing normal about being happy all the time. ~~ Kimberly Toronto, LDS Family Therapist
My next event was the Seminary & Institute Inservice. Another really good meeting. Then I was off to visit with Papa for a bit. Then back to our casa in Sadieville where I took a few minutes to work on my Institute lesson for the next Wednesday evening. Then Claude and I drove back to the Stake Center for a mini-Devotional for the Camino Branch for the Self-Reliance Initiative.

Then I went home and got out of my Donna Reed costume for Saturday.

Sunday the 10th, I dressed in a fresh set of Donna Reed-like clothes and was off too Church with Claude, then a visit with Papa, then home to finish up my Institute lessons. In the evening I went to Georgetown and picked up Nikki and took her to the Alumni Building to have dinner with the other Young Single Adults and to watch the Worldwide Devotional for them that was broadcast from Utah. Elder David A. Bednar and his wife were the speakers. They gave a wonderful address about the importance of doing Family History research and temple work. 

After I returned home it was out of that Donna Reed gear and back into comfy clothes for an hour until time for bed. Hallelujah!! I don't believe anyone can really enjoy that kind of attire all the time. And I didn't even do any house cleaning in it!!!

Southern Comfort...

Wednesday, September 6th, found me at Frank Shoop for an oil change for my car. We have used Frank Shoop since we moved to Kentucky 13 years ago. They are like family that you just get to see once in a while. I checked my car in and headed to the waiting room. This is my post to Facebook after I sat down in the waiting room.

At Frank Shoop for an oil change. The service guy said, "We'll get right to this Darlin'." Passed the last service lady going to the waiting area and heard her call the person on the phone Honey. I love the Southernisms. My sales guy happened into the service area and we chatted. Kim was there with a smile. I love the cheerful care given at Frank Shoop. Today promises to be a good day.

A friend commented on my post with this: "And there are some nitwit women who would sue because of the familiarities used. Amazing!"

I thought about that a bit. Never occurred to me that anyone was being anything but polite in a very southern way. Growing up in Louisiana everyone was Sugar, or Honey, or Sweetie. It was just the way of talking to others. It is a tougher world we live in where these niceties can't be shared without someone choosing to be offended. I personally like the niceties. Claude loves being called 'Honey' when we go through a drive-thru at a fast food place. 

I understand there are people who would turn these niceties into something rude. These people do exist and they are appalling to me. But even with them, I hope we don't lump everyone into a bad category and determine it is politically incorrect to use these terms in a kind way. Come on people. Let's just enjoy be nice to each other. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Big Fizzle...

Monday, August 21st, was a momentous day...or supposed to be. It was for many. Not so much for Claude and me.

Monday morning I hurried in to Georgetown to purchase groceries for Papa and then clean in his apartment. I wanted to be home in time to watch the Solar Eclipse that was to pass over Kentucky. 

I had been telling Papa each day for the past week that it was coming. This was followed by a warning not to go out and look up at the sun when he felt the sky darken during the afternoon and wondered what it is. Since he has the memory of a gnat, I was hoping that a week worth of repetition would help with that. As I left got ready to leave Papa's that day, he said, "You know there is a Solar Eclipse coming, I will just go outside and look at it!!! Oh My Heck!!! I found the two channels that would be best for Papa to watch on his television and made sure he was on one of those with the other on recall on his remote. Then I posted a large yellow sign on his front door and his back door to "NOT LOOK AT THE SUN". Then I left him to meet Claude at our home to experience the Solar Eclipse.

My bad...I did not purchase the glasses. All along I felt I would watch it on television at home. We put a white sheet on the driveway and proceeded to watch television in the living room as the Solar Eclipse went over Oregon and across to some National Park in the west. Then it came closer to Kentucky and the news shifted to Hopkinsville, Kentucky where the eclipse would pass directly overhead and last the longest. It was amazing to watch the sky get dark all around the people. Cameras trained on the sun showed the moon passing in front of the sun and blocking it out and then moving away. They talked about the air getting 10 degrees cooler. The animals thinking it was night and getting quiet. The Lexington news station even had a pen of roosters because the story goes that they will crow when the sun comes back out. I do not think that happened but you have to bless their hearts for giving that extra effort for us viewers in case they did. 

Now it should be coming closer to Sadieville. I would go on the deck and take video of the same stretch of ground in our back yard. Then I would go to the front porch and take video of the same stretch of ground, all this was a hope to watch shadows change and the sky darken. Between I was checking the television to see what they were showing with cameras trained on the sun in Lexington. One time on the front porch Claude said, "Do you hear that?" Nope, don't hear anything. That was what he was trying to tell me. All the birds around us in Sadieville were absolutely silent. That was when the eclipse was right over Sadieville. However, our sky was not darkening at all. I have video to prove it. I have video of what it was doing on the television as the people all over Lexington were watching it with their glasses. But, nothing in Sadieville. It got a lot cooler for a bit, the television was saying it was over us, but no change in the light going to dark, no movement of shadows on the white sheet or the plants in the front and the back as I videoed them. Nothing people, absolutely nothing. 

Lesson learned. Buy the glasses. Geez!! 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Solar Eclipse taken in Salt Lake City, Utah over the Salt Lake City Temple.
And this is another that I really like. It was taken in Logan, Utah looking over the Logan Temple. This is neat to me because Claude and I were married in this temple 47 years ago. 
So, Claude and I both felt the Solar Eclipse was a big fizzle for us. Other were have epiphanies all over the land. We were not. My suggestion is to buy the silly glasses. I bet it would have been something more had we looked at it directly.

On a side note...Papa fell asleep watching the television and missed the entire thing.